5 Changes Your Business Can Make to Be More Environmentally Friendly

5 Changes Your Business Can Make to Be More Environmentally Friendly
Consumer desire to buy from businesses with an environmental focus continues to grow. Nielson found that 81% of consumers feel that businesses should provide initiatives to help improve the environment. The study also found that Generations X and Z value environmentally responsible businesses greater than generations before them. Here 5 things you can do to become a more environmentally responsible business:

1. Recycle

Start recycling; many things can be recycled from electronics to paper. If you are office based encourage a paperless working environment, and ensure you have recycling bins.

2. Use eco-friendly products

The chemicals in most cleaning products, paints and ink can be toxic to the environment and even your health. Try switching to eco-friendly products where possible. Environmentally friendly products are now widely available.

3. Buy second hand or upcycle

Furniture can be particularly hard to recycle due to the different materials used, and often ends up in landfills. If you are office based ask yourself if you really need new furniture – or if you can upcycle what you already have. Buying second hand and upcycling can save money and it’s also better for the environment.

4. Switch suppliers

Switch to green energy suppliers. It is a common misconception that green energy suppliers will be more expensive but this is not always the case. Green energy suppliers often tax breaks meaning they can pass savings on to you, the customer.

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