3 Software Tools We Use and Think You Should Too

3 Software Tools We Use and Think You Should Too

Right Signature

Most of us receive documents electronically to save paper and do our bit to save the environment. So why do we then print these documents to sign and then go to the effort of having to scan it back.

Save yourself time, paper and energy. Right Signature allows you to electronically sign and date documents.



Sister company of Right Signature. Sharefile allows you to send documents. In line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Sharefile sends your documents in an encrypted format.



No one likes manually likes inputting data from their expenses into their digital accounting programme. It is time consuming, energy draining and not the most effective use of time either. It often ends up being a weekend or evening job.

Expensify lets you capture your expense receipts on the go. The information is pulled through and can sync with Xero and most other accounting systems, meaning you no longer have to spend your weekends filing through your receipts.

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