Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing

Most businesses will have a contingency plan for the loss of data and information on servers and systems. But what if ‘knowledge’ walks out the door?

It is worth making sure knowledge is shared and documented, here are 3 things to take into consideration:



Use systems to share knowledge, such as internal forums. The benefits of internal forums are that questions can be easily searched meaning team members can find what they need fairly quickly. Some businesses digitally share knowledge through a company ‘Wikipedia page’.


Ease of  access

Ensure all your policies and procedures are in one place that everyone can access. It can be difficult and confusing if the information is kept in different places. For example, you may think it makes sense to keep all marketing processes and procedures away from others, but chances are they probably interlink to some extent.


Customer Focus

When we think about knowledge sharing we tend to think about ‘the way things are done’, but seem to forget about sharing knowledge about customers. You need to make sure information is recorded, this can be done on a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system or in the clients’ folder. You want to make sure relationships are maintained, even if team members leave.

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