Utilising your alumni networks

Utilising your alumni networks

Making the most of alumni networks

We all have an alumni network whether it’s comprised of your University classmates or colleagues from previous firms.
It’s a good idea to utilise your alumni network as it’s essentially a great network of professional contacts with whom you have one thing in common. How you are connected doesn’t really matter. Having that connection makes reaching out to them natural and also people tend to be more receptive to someone from their networks.
LinkedIn is a useful tool for reaching out to and connecting with your alumni. You can use alumni search by filtering search results using the name of your institution and inviting them to connect/reconnect. You can even set up a dedicated online group for your alumni network using the “Groups” page on LinkedIn. Members of your Group can post messages, updates and communicate easily.
While online tools can be useful as a way of reaching out to your alumni network, they are no substitute for meeting up in person. Volunteering for a role that gives you an excuse to be in touch with your classmates is a great way of maintaining your alumni network.
Finally, another great way to tap into your alumni network is to share your professional expertise. You could create a business blog or even offer to give a talk. You could even set up an event for connections with common interests and put together a panel of speakers who provide insights to your group. There’s a real competitive advantage you can gain by reconnecting with your alumni.

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