Invoice Approval Made Simple

Features to get excited about

Save time and increase accuracy

No more Approver chasing via email or call. 100% accuracy of the approval flow. Full details within each approval request available on the go.

Scale up and improve productivity

More transactions performed. Less time spent on clarifications. Approval, authorization and validation made fast and easy.

Achieve visibility and establish control

Guardrails for Requesters in PO creation. Automatic matching of Bills with the corresponding POs. Reminder, email and push notifications to avoid delays.

Ensure compliance and simplify audits

Multi-step and role-based approvals. Each approval is audit-ready and provided with a complete approval history including all Approvers’ comments.

Tailor Made Integration

As a Bronze certified Xero specialist, Assure UK, as part of your service, will integrate ApprovalMax and tailor it to compliment your business requirements. Speak to the team today.

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